AUSPTA's Credo.

Guiding Principles of our code:

Thermographers uphold and advance the integrity and credibility of the thermography profession by:

  1. using their knowledge and skill for the betterment of the broader community;
  2. being honest and impartial, and reliably serving their clients (including their employers) and the public;
  3. striving to improve the quality and increase the competence of the Thermography Profession.

AUSPTA’s mission statement.

  • To enhance & promote the Thermography Industry within Australia.
  • To Lobby Government and Regulatory Authorities for Inclusion of Thermography for future Government schemes, Standards, Grants and Incentives.
  • To Promote the use of Thermography in all Industry segments within Australia including but not limited to Electrical, Marine, Aviation, the built environment, Research & Development, Mining, Engineering, Automotive.
  • To Promote the use of performance based criteria & measurement in the ongoing use & calculations of Energy Efficiency Rating Schemes along with other regulatory building requirements.
  • To Endorse or run & support industry based training in all facets of Thermography and the registration of Professional Thermographers.
  • To develop ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) initiatives for members to enhance their skills.

“My dream was to form an Association that embraces ALL Industry User Groups currently using Thermal Imaging, allowing all interested people to have access to a large range of resources and knowledge base currently existing in our Profession.”

Blair Freeman (10th March 1960 – 25th September 2012)
Founding President – AUSPTA


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